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Highlights form the District 3 Food Drive

Highlights from our Thanksgiving Food Drive

Reflecting on this season of gratitude, we are overwhelmed with appreciation for the tremendous success of our District 3 Thanksgiving Food Drive, which unfolded beautifully on Saturday, November 18th at High Output in Canton, MA. Every volunteer played a crucial role in making this event impactful and creating a heartwarming experience for all involved.

The spirit of collaboration and compassion shone through as volunteers worked together to spread joy and nourishment throughout our community. From the dedicated planning stages to the heartwarming moments of delivery, the collective efforts echoed the true essence of the holiday season.

We'd like to put a Spotlight on Our Incredible Volunteers

Your generous gift of your time and collaborative spirit have left an indelible mark on our community, underscoring the strength that comes from a shared purpose. The success of our Thanksgiving Food Drive is a testament to the power of unity when we rally together for a meaningful cause.

A massive thank you to our IA family whose willingness to meet a need, not only made this event possible, but also engendered a collective joy that was shared amongst all who were present:

Julie Amov 481, Chris Anderson 481 and his son William 232, Ricky Araoz 481 and his fiance Alexandra Wheaton, Cricket Barretti-Sigal USA829, Woody Bell 481 and his wife Shannon Dilloway, Guy Bermel 481, Paula Bird USA829, Steven Bonarrigo 481, Alexandra Brady 481, Gail Buckley USA829, Dakota Carpenter 481, Rosa Colon 481, Christopher Coy 481, John DeSimone 481, Rob Dew 481, Paula Dion 798, Lindsey Douglas 481, Victoria Durst 161, Christopher J. Egan 481, Tim Fairley 481, Bryan Felty USA829, Tina Hamilton 481, Mattie Hamer 600, Donna Henderson 481, Cheri Herbert 11, Michelle Higgins 481, Ariana Huy 481OH, Alison Katinger 481, Julie Leshane 798, Erik Malkovich 481, Lana Marks 161, Max May 11, Joe McLeish 481, Jack McPhee 481, Karen Murphy B4, Vivian Nassali 11, Gary Olitsky 481, Mark Oliver 481/11, Scott Pina 481, Andrew Poleszak 481/USA829, Michael Reynolds 481, Rita Rosenfeld 481, Bob "Schnig" Schleinig 481, Brenda Shepard 96/232, Brianna Shockley 481, Rae Signer USA829, Aileen Sovronsky 481, Jaime Tabachnik 600, Anastasia Tsikhanava 481, Mark Turek 481, Erin Via 481, Alys Vincent 481, Taryn Walsh 481, Kyle Wilkins 481, and Emily Woods Hogue 481/USA829.

A big thank you John Cini 481, Jim Hirsh 481, Jeff Kidman, Meghan Young, and the rest of the team at High Output for generously donating all of the indoor and outdoor spaces that made this event possible!

A Special recognition to those who travelled the extra mile to personally deliver turkeys and bags to those unable to attend, and to the many others who also offered to make those trips. Your thoughtful gestures embody the spirit of giving that makes this time of year so special.

Our sincerest thanks also go out to the driving force that made the Food Drive a reality. Your awareness, commitment, and determination to get things done, did not go unnoticed:

Kim Berner - L 161, Colleen Glynn - L 11 Bus. Mgr., International VP, MA AFL-CIO Exec. VP, Irene C Hartmann - L 798 Field Rep, Kimmie Johnson - L 481 President, Patrick Keogh - L 11 & D3 Secretary-Treasurer, Chris O'Donnell, L 481 Bus. Mgr., Kevin Sciotto - USA829 Bus Rep, Jill Tufts - NEB Eastern Reg. ICG600, Nicole Xifaras - L 481 Workforce Development & Outreach Coordinator















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