Transfer Procedures

Transfers in to IATSE Local 481 will only be accepted from IATSE locals that represent motion picture technicians and craftspeople in the crafts that Local 481 represents. 

In addition to the IATSE Transfer request card from their home local, Transfer Applicants must provide the following documentation: 

1. Proof of Residency

Provide copies of Proof of Residency within the Local 481 geographical jurisdiction (Maine, Massachusetts New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont). The three required documents to verify residency are the following

  a. A valid driver's license from a state within the jurisdiction of Local 481, 

  b. A utility (gas, electric, phone, cable) or credit card bill or statement issued within 60 days of the Transfer application with the Transfer Applicant's name and local address on it, AND

  c. ONE of the following documents:

  1.       Voter registration card
  2.       A home lease to a property in the jurisdiction
  3.       Home ownership documents for a property within the jurisdiction 

2. Transfer Applicant personal information sheet and all required forms consistent with new applicants, which currently include

  1.   Authorization for Representation
  2.   Authorization for Work Dues Deduction
  3.   Census Card
  4.   Pledge Card 

3. Verifiable resume with a minimum of two listed references with contact information 

The resume must indicate a minimum of 30 days of work in the craft(s) in which the Transfer Applicant is applying.

4. Initiation Fee

Twenty five percent (25%) of the current IATSE Local 481 initiation fee

5. Dues

IATSE local 481 dues for the remainder of the calendar year

6. Verification Letter

A Verification Letter from the applicant's home local's Business Manager or Secretary listing the crafts/classifications in which they worked or are listed in their home local.

Transfer applicants will be processed the same as New Applicants:

1.Deadlines for receiving completed transfer documents to be considered by the Executive Board at it’s quarterly meetings will be 3/1, 6/1, 9/1, 12/1. 

2.Once complete, the Transfer Applicant's paperwork will be reviewed by the Executive Board for recommendation to the membership, and then voted on by the General Membership. 

3.A Transfer Applicant’s documents will not be considered complete and eligible for review by the Executive Board and Membership until the Transfer Applicant has completed any Craft entrance examination required of New Applicants.

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